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Endorsement from Tony Monaco
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Music Equipments

"I knew from the first song we played together many years ago that there was something different about THIS drummer. Honestly I got my start in the business with a drummer… then I married one so my ears are sensitive to the skins. Dave is special! He takes his time with the music, is thoughtful about every stroke and most importantly he knows how to play for a singer!!! I appreciate his sensitive spirit and listening ear. Music is best when there’s a total collaboration, the perfect dance amongst the players. I appreciate that Dave gets it and I look forward to our next hit!"

- Chicago Vocalist, Julia Huff


"Mr. Hilliker is one of the most swinging drummers I have ever worked with. Nuanced, Driven, and inspiring. I look forward to every performance with this immense talent."

- Chicago Vocalist, Kimberly Gordon

"David is a killer drummer. Great timing, beautiful tone on his heads and cymbals, solid technique, and that extra indescribable thing: Taste! He listens deeply to the rhythm section, and always compliments it, simultaneously supportive, colorful and grooving."

-  Pianist Eric Clancy

"I enjoyed working with drummer David Hilliker at The Elkhart Jazz Festival. David was swinging and a total pro in the tribute he put together for Wes Montgomery and my old boss Jack McDuff."

- Guitarist Dave Stryker

"I enjoyed working with drummer David Hilliker at The Elkhart Jazz Festival. David was swinging and a total pro in the tribute he put together for Wes Montgomery and my old boss Jack McDuff."

- Guitarist Dave Stryker

“David Hilliker has emerged as a swinging drummer with a feel-good beat. Who could ask for anything more?!”

- Bassist John Clayton

"David Hilliker - A swingin’ drummer that makes the music feel good!"

- Bassist Marlene Rosenberg

"David Hilliker (drums) has been pulling together some of the most talented musicians for the Elkhart Jazz Festival over the past five years.   We discuss options every year and he goes to work to make his vision a reality.  Initially bringing in Tony Monaco (organ), then adding Fareed Haque (guitar) the following year.  We’ve done a Tribute to Wes Montgomery & Jack McDuff featuring Dave Stryker (guitar) and Pat Bianchi (organ) and a Tribute to Miles Davis with Victor Garcia (trumpet).  No matter the configuration or familiarity of the members, they come together for an amazing weekend of top notch jazz!  Katie Ernst (bass) and Tom Vaitsas (keys) have been perfect additions to David’s program – 2019 they will present a Tribute to the Great American Songbook.  We look forward to seeing this great talent every year and are always amazed at the show David is able to orchestrate while respectfully ‘laying back’ to show off whoever he pulls on stage with him. 

- Ben Decker, Co-Chair of the Elkhart Jazz Festival (2019)

"My name is Janet Hines, Norris.  I am a singer that sings Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Inspirational and a little bit of Soul. I have known Dave Hilliker for over 10 years, not only as a musician but also a friend.Working with Dave on different projects and gigs have been a pleasure and an honor. I consider Dave to be a excellent drummer, which in my book keeps the foundation for a singer to be at their best.The last event I worked at with Dave was at the Elkhart Jazz Festival which was June 22nd 2019.We played a little bit of Aretha Franklin.  Knowing that he had my back made me feel almost like I was Aretha Franklin myself.If you ever need someone that will work along side of you and make you feel grounded in a song, call Dave.He is a kind person on the inside and on the outside. He will kick butt…"


Janet Hines-Norris Singer-Song writer.

"David Hilliker, embraces so much of the history in his playing, always swinging hard with a deep groove. He never looses sight of those aspects yet creatively contributes to the entire group sound, bringing the music to another level. Without a doubt, David is a musical force to be reckoned with."

- Hammond B3 Artist, Pat Bianchi



Those of you who are reading this short review for sure know an iconic hit STARS FELL ON ALABAMA. The lyrics do not mention how big the star fall was… 


A well-known, seasoned Chicago jazz drummer David Hilliker  brought his own STAR FALL to GMC that night. The stars were few but they stole the show, indeed! The quartet established a good rapport with audience with its hand-picked repertoire which kept the audience at awe during the 2-hour gig.


To make the long story short, the STARS that graced this jazz club “in the woods” of Mundelein, IL (quite a hike from Alabama) were:


David Hilliker (DR)

Alex Beltran (saxophone)

Marlene Rosenberg (bass)

Tom Vaitsas (piano/organ)


Looking forward to the next star-fall!

- Owner of Good Men Club, Victor Janoyev 

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